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We are taking applications for local chapter directors in cities around the world. By directing and hosting an IDEA Startup event and providing inspirational speakers, great networking opportunities and a welcoming atmosphere, you can become a local leader for your startup community.

IDEA Startup Ecosystem creates high impact opportunity for you to help hundreds of startups and founders while also helping yourself. We are especially looking for new Directors in IDB Group Member Countries and OIC cities

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Want to dig deeper and actually meet the people behind the profiles? Attend one of our IDEA City›s Startups.
Once you find your match, let us know! We love hearing from and supporting our success stories and their companies.

IDEA is a global startups community designed to inspire, educate and connect Islamic entrepreneurs

Please submit your information and the city you’d like to get started in and we will get back to you immediately about next steps towards evaluating your city as the next Startup Chapter.

Becoming a Chapter Leader

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Connecting entrepreneurs. One city at a time.

IDEA Startups Ecosystem bring together entrepreneurs in a structured and in-person setting. Our events are currently held in select cities worldwide. We’re always adding new cities and we welcome your requests.
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Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaAmman, JordanKhartoum, Sudan
Dubai, UAEManama, BahrainIstanbul, Turkey