Connect Online


Entrepreneurs can register on of our online portals and submit their business plan for assessment by our advisors.
If a business plan does not match any idea Network sector or region Group, entrepreneurs are invited to develop
their plan in the idea Gateway Portal.


We provide the so-called Ready4Finance training to support entrepreneurs in our programs in starting and
developing their businesses for finance and to let them get familiar with different types of finance and
investors, pitching techniques and the investment process.


Our network of accredited coaches affiliated with corporate partners is available to support entrepreneurs in writing their business plan and provide them with feedback. Coaching is offered to preselected entrepreneurs with business plans that have the potential to become finance ready.


Once your business plan has been considered finance ready by us and is presentable to our network of investors, we will alert the most relevant financiers about your business plan. If an investor shows interest, our investor matchmakers will guide you in the matchmaking process.

How we can supporting?

We support entrepreneurs in emerging markets in starting and growing their businesses. We provide access to finance programs and offer training, coaching and investor matchmaking services.
As a coach, you can make a difference. Many entrepreneurs in our network can use your advice regarding their business. You can help them improve their business plan or survive their first years of existence.
As an investor, you get access to high potential business plans in emerging markets. We offer personal matchmaking services, investor training courses and networking activities.

Connecting Online

– You and your Team can get support from our mentors and experts in your own Private Online Workspace.

– Our innovative Online Incubator program is valuable for new entrepreneurs, who may not have the access to expensive business advisors. You will have online access to your private workspace where you can visit and work one-on-one with your Team Members, your Mentors and Experts. Working in your Private Online Workspace you will also have access to structured educational content and lesson plans that focus on the most important business drivers to entrepreneurial success.

– Our Experts and Advisors contribute valuable real-world knowledge, networking contacts, and fresh ideas to your venture team. Our Online Incubator is particularly valuable for new entrepreneurs, who may not have the access to expensive business advisors.

Entrepreneurs Profile

Get started:

1) Register with the START HERE button.
2) Make your member profile.
3) Create your business summary and company
4) Use our templates* to complete a full
business plan and financial plan
5) Look for a mentor on the platform and send
a mentor request
4) Check out other portals and business plan

A pool of high potential businesses to invest
with a direct access to entrepreneurs with
an option of mentorship guidance. Finding
investment opportunities has never been easier

Set your preferences and select businesses to

> Investor profile
> Investment preference setting
> Dashboard with relevant plans
> Email alerts about relevant plans
> Feedback option on plans
> Rating & ranking of plans
> Connect with entrepreneurs anywhere
> No direct investment, only matchmaking
> View entrepreneur plans, docs, financials
> Social network registration and login
> Peer-to-peer lending
> Finance request (Islamic Finance) Content
management system (2015 • v)
> Viewable if author approves

Services for Investors:

> Register on the IDEA Portal as an investor
and complete your profile with your
investment preferences.

> Any business proposals that match
your preferences, appear in your investor
‘dashboard’. You will also be sent email

> You can request to view the full business plan
and any other documents that are attached.

> If a business proposal interests you, you will
need to contact the entrepreneur directly to
negotiate a possible deal.

Become a Mentor
There are many entrepreneurs here that need
your advice for their business planning , finance
or marketing activities. Your guidance will make
a real difference to their success!

Registration Steps:

1) Register with the START HERE button above.
2) Set your mentor preferences.
3) Search the members for business plans.

How to Mentor

1) Once registered, request to mentor a
business, via your dashboard
2) When your request has been approved, you
can put feedback directly in the business plan
3) You can also email, Skype or meet up with
the entrepreneur

Mentor Profile Requirement

> Mentor accreditation
> Mentor preferences & skills
> Mentor dashboard with relevant plans
> Connect with entrepreneurs
> Feedback option on plans
> Mentoring requests from entrepreneurs
> Mentoring offers to entrepreneurs
> Social network registration and login
> Rating of mentors by entrepreneurs