A deeper dive into scope and level of services offered


IDEA is an online web-platform arm for Islamic Entrepreneurs that offers valuable resources to entrepreneurs.


To bring potential Entrepreneurs together and to promote to them a set of knowledge toolkit, Training to realize their dreams.


Serve as information hub – key articles and web pages conveying:

> How to raise capital? (Table of forms banks)
> How to start a business?
> How to plan for growth ?
> How to connect entrepreneurs?
> Communicating Key IDB and Partnership events (i.e.
Events and other for development and entrepreneurs)


Providing entrepreneurs with a toolkit to enable them to launch their “IDEAs” – Business Plan Samples, Accounting templates, and others legal contracts and others.


Partnerships with Educational Programs in the region of interest and offering material online. Information packets on future conferences, Business Plan Competitions, and critical events for success.


Offering premier online training programs catered to entrepreneurs {Basic Business start up, Islamic Finance, Accounting 101. Grow your Business, How to Franchises}. Materials, syllabus, curriculum, will be posted online with video streaming sessions for classes.

Marketing, Brand Awareness and Presentation

Conferences, Startup Weekend, and Business Plan Competitions.


Connecting superior ideas with venture financiers through relationships and future events. Provision of list of Institutions and Angel Investors, General Islamic finance terms, process and requirements and other relevant information. This will enable financiers with ease and confidence